Best Stroll

Forest Park Grand Basin at night

You've done dinner. Even a movie. But you're not done with the date. What are the options? Suffocate in a smoky bar? Not romantic. Invite him/her home? The place is a mess. How about a little nighttime stroll? Lights on the water, stars in the sky — now that's romance. Head for Lagoon Drive, and park the car where Saint Louis (on his stately steed) can keep an eye on it. Then take your date's hand and make it a leisurely amble around the city's prettiest body of water. Pause on the steps at the north bank and gaze upon Art Hill. Graze the water's edge as you perambulate this marvelous nighttime expanse, then stop on the little westward bridge to ogle the city skyline (it actually looks big from out here!). You may not be the only folks around, but there's plenty of space, and with the soothing kiss of the fountains you'll feel like you are. Did we say kiss? We meant hiss — must have been a Freudian slip.
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