Best Striptease

Becca Andrews

It was one of those evenings when you wished you were home reading a book. Any book, that is, other than one written by Arthur Schnitzler, the Austrian author and dramatist whose plays include La Ronde. For alas, La Ronde is the basis for Hello Again, a repetitive musical about sex that was being staged by the Webster University Conservatory of Theatre Arts. Sex should be fun, right? Hello Again was anything but. Until Becca Andrews entered the fray. As a saucy nurse who took an all-stops (and stays)-out approach to seducing a college boy, Andrews was singing and dancing while shedding her starched clothes with carefree abandon. But that darned Schnitzler was a stickler for structure. The gimmick in La Ronde is that once a character is gone, she's gone. And so Andrews never returned after her striptease — yet another reason to harbor a grudge against this musical. Still, it's reassuring to know that the good-natured art of seduction is alive and well.

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