Best Strip Mall for Dining

Jeffrey Plaza

Strip malls are so uncool it's not even cool to mock them anymore. (We have big-box stores for that now.) But foodies know that more than a few strip malls hide restaurant gems: run-down joints that just happen to serve the best burger or chili in town; the only Peruvian (or Mongolian or whatever) restaurant within a 500-mile radius. Jeffrey Plaza has so many gems, it practically shines at night. You want this year's winner for "Best Indian Food"? Check out the home-style Indian and Pakistani dishes at Indian Food. This year's "Best Sushi"? Nobu's is the place to be. Feeling a little blah? Pho Long's pho is the "Best Cure for What Ails You." Throw in the fantastic Caribbean cuisine of De Palm Tree, and you won't need any other strip mall in town. You might have to deal with construction traffic to get there, but it's worth the hassle. You can always wait it out by enjoying both lunch and dinner here. You might even decide to hang around till lunch tomorrow.
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