Best Strip Joint

PT's Sports Cabaret

Each weekend, untold numbers of horny pilgrims make the journey to strip clubs and topless bars in the Metro East — but not all fleshpots are created equal. Though the unabashedly sleazy vice district of Brooklyn, Illinois, may appear tempting, a trip just five miles south will take you to the wide, neon entrance of PT's Sports Cabaret. Big and bright with an interior space ringed with television screens, PT's manages to hit the sweet spot between sports bar and strip club. Sports games — not hardcore porn — grace the big screens, and PT's lays on the sports theme with events like topless volleyball and something called "dildo racing." The lithe, diverse dancers at PT's freely mingle after working (and frequently twerking) what God gave them on five stages, so you won't have to jostle with creeps to get a little of that "me time" you (and your dollar bills) deserve.

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