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Pyramid of Pleasure

The Pyramid of Pleasure makes the drive to Centreville, Illinois, worth it for those looking for quality time with boobs in their faces. And what's not to like about the image of an Egyptian burial monument filled with strippers? Alas, the pyramid motif doesn't extend beyond the name, but the club is clean and comfortable with two main stages ringed by deep, soft chairs to cushion lap dances that won't break your wallet at $25 a pop. (And, um, take your keys and wallet out of your pockets before said lap dance.) Formerly the Crystal Palace, at Pop there's no cover before 7 p.m., and the cheap drinks will leave more bills to toss on the stage for the athletic and attentive ladies. And if it's just one of those nights, you can head to the attached adult theater with "separate bathrooms," which is probably how a pharaoh would have wanted it.

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