Best Strip Joint

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

The lovely ladies of East St. Louis know how to make a dollar go a long way. And while there's nothing cheap about a night out at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club (unless you're there for the infamous $2 Tuesdays), the strippers and servers know how to make any customer feel like royalty — even if he (or she) only has a couple of crumpled dollar bills. (Take advantage of nightly drink specials or find a code online to skip the sometimes-steep cover.) But Flynt's nooky-nook emporium isn't all blondes and boobs. Last year the gentlemen's club began running "Taboo" night on the second Thursday of each month. "Guest participation" is encouraged at the monthly showcase of BDSM toys and techniques. May we humbly suggest a slogan for the event, Mr. Flynt? "Let your imagination go flog wild!"

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