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Sure, there are classier joints with glossier women and more refined amenities, but are you looking for "naughty" or "nice" when selecting a strip club? If you answered "naughty" -- and if you're honest with yourself, that's what you answered -- then there's no finer place in the land than Roxy's to plunk down your hard-earned $1 bills. Here it's darn near anything goes, from the famous shower stall (where the dancers go to great lengths to make sure their colleagues are squeaky clean) to the stages where the "Dreamgirls" take it all off. A rowdy night at Roxy's may even have a few of the female patrons joining the dancers onstage. If you're really into it, a few dollars can buy more than just a lap dance. Roxy's is owned by a publicly held company, VCG Holding Corp., whose shares trade on the American Stock Exchange. Ownership in your favorite strip joint? Priceless.
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