Best Store for Used CDs or Vinyl

Vintage Vinyl

Used CDs are everywhere: pawnshops, garage sales, flea markets, eBay. You can spend weeks scouring the town, or you can just go to Vintage Vinyl. Although the store's got a healthy supply of new and a decent supply of used vinyl, its emphasis is obviously CDs at this point, and the place is jammed with thousands priced under five bucks. Most important, there's stuff you want, even if someone else didn't. The bargain bins, often sorted by genre, provide the best way to fill in a country or R&B collection, and because used titles are also mixed in with new discs, you can be pleasantly surprised to find that $14.99 R.E.M. album for a mere eight bucks. Although the selection of new CDs has always been a few steps short of great, the staff remains the most knowledgeable in town. Yes, they've got a reputation for snobbery, but they've lightened up and these days are helpful, even (gasp) friendly, as illustrated by their forgiving and fair return policy.
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