Best Steamers Player

Daryl Doran

There was a time when St. Louis' indoor soccer Steamers drew like the Blues. Thanks to terminally inept league (and sometimes team) management, those days are long gone. But the team's Philadelphia-based ownership has tried its ass off to heat things up again, moving the Steamers to the Savvis Center, conceiving a reality show and signing a female player. Competitive all season long before slumping to a 20-20 final record a swift playoff bow, the reconfigured Steam team also managed to maintain its soul: player/coach Daryl Doran. An indoor pro since Reagan slept in the Oval Office, Doran hasn't lost anything in the intervening decades besides his hair, leading the 2005 squad in assists while ranking eighth in the league in scoring. In a town still drunk on its soccer-epicenter glory days, the durable Doran is a worthy throwback.
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