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In normal times, we’d likely be touting some swanky, high-priced steakhouse, complete with a la carte sides and shockingly expensive California cabs as the place to get your steak on. This year, however, we’ve embraced the joy of home cooking (like we had a choice) and have been able to recreate that experience, thanks to the amazing meat counter at LeGrand’s Market & Catering. This St. Louis Hills staple is known for its sandwiches, brats and that cool, old-school Tom-Boy sign out front, but its true claim to fame are its fresh-cut steaks, which make you understand the importance of a great butcher that you can chat up across the counter. Two thick-cut strips, a couple of large russets and a bunch of asparagus later and you’ll be in steakhouse heaven — only in stay-in-place times, you can have that fun in your jammies. — Cheryl Baehr

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