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Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse

Jeff Ruby is very proud of the steaks served at his namesake restaurant. At each table a glossy placard bearing the Cincinnati-based restaurateur's visage tells diners so. His self-regard isn't misplaced. Each steak is USDA prime (the highest grade), dry-aged, rubbed with a secret blend of twenty herbs and spices — so secret that the blend is split between two spice companies and mixed together only at the restaurant — and broiled in a 1,500- degree oven. The result is meaty perfection: a beautifully charred crust yielding to tender, flavorful meat. Even cuts that are usually more style than substance (looking at you, filet mignon) are glorious here. The steak-house extras are tops, too: The potatoes, mac & cheese and creamed spinach are fantastic sides, though the steaks are so generously cut that you will have to remind yourself to leave room for anything else.

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