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Citizen Kane's Steak House

Oooooh, they have a rib-eye. Forgot they had a rib-eye. That sounds good. No, wait—what about the New York strip? Hmm. A filet might be nice. But I had a filet at home the other night. I should have come here; they give me bloody when I ask for bloody and rare when I ask for rare. What about—oh, wait, no, here we go: medallions. Tenderloin medallions: "grilled to perfection and served with your choice of any one of our Classic sauces." Oh, yeah. Barnaise, brandy peppercorn or mushroom Burgundy? Barnaise it is. And—I almost forgot—I get a side dish, served on a different plate, so the steak stands alone. I'll get the spinach; it's so light and creamy. And I get the soup du jour or the Rosebud Salad. Hey, wait—Rosebud, as in Charles Foster Kane's last word in Citizen Kane, as in owner Frank Kane's nickname at SLU High School. Duh. Never made that connection before! Oh, well, that's the brain's job. I'm just the stomach. Now where's my steak?
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