Best Steak House

Annie Gunn's

It's not your "typical" steak house, not the kind of place you get dressed up for, aiming to do some wallet-lightening wining and dining. On second thought, plan on some wallet-lightening wining and dining. Just leave your sport coat or little black dress at home, because Annie Gunn's is much more pub than club. AG's takes its meats seriously -- right down to the on-premises Smoke House Market, where meats are cured, dry-aged and hand cut. If you don't have a reservation, securing a table might take as long as three hours, even with the addition of the outdoor tent enclosure. By that time the bar'll be in full boisterous rollick. But when you sink your teeth into a grilled-to-order AG's rib eye and get your mitts around a glass of red from the extensive wine list, you'll forget all about the wait and the hubbub and begin hatching a plan to come back again ASAP. Later the same week might not be too soon.
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