Best Stand-Up Comedian (Female)

Andi Smith

Oh, that Andi Smith sure sounds nice. Her sentences just lope along in the lilt of her native rural Wisconsin (she now lives in Dogtown). But none of it prepares you for her sharp left turns — and sharp left elbows. Smith has stored up a leisurely disdain for lots of things: cheerleaders, Justin Bieber, sweatpants, children. And while she doesn't aim to offend you, per se, she won't lose sleep if she does. Recently, Smith has opened for such big names as Kevin Nealon and Bill Burr, but more and more, her gigs are headline gigs. She's a blunt comic with a sailor's mouth, but she also displays a folksy, Midwestern amusement at modern America and its quirks. Her own website describes her as "a combination of the girl next-door and the girl that hates the girl next-door." We agree.

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