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Helver's Night

Quick: When's the last time you saw a really good Polish morality play? As adapted and directed by Upstream Theater artistic director Philip Boehm, Helver's Night, a parable about two misfits trying to exist in an oppressive totalitarian society, delivered a jolt of harrowing theater enacted by two brilliantly modulated performers. Christopher Harris was a simpleton who was desperate to belong to the pack; Linda Kennedy brought poignancy to the gentle caretaker who could not prevent the destruction of her charge. Those of us who don't keep up to speed on the Polish arts scene had never heard of Helver's Night. Attending this totally unknown play without any preconceptions made the production a veritable body blow. For the duration of the evening, time seemed to stand still. The breathless experience was shattering yet exhilarating. Truly, a night to remember.

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