Best St. Louis Sandwich

The Hot Salami and Roast Beef at Gioia's Deli

Staff Pick

By this time, everyone in St. Louis knows the glory of Gioia's Deli's hot salami. Heck, the decadent meaty wonder has a following even outside of our fair city considering that the restaurant won a James Beard America's Classics award in 2017. It's no wonder people are so enamored; the fatty, peppery, garlic-laden beef and pork sausage is an utter masterpiece so perfect, you wonder how anything but a little mustard and some crusty bread could make it better. Then, you have the hot salami and roast beef sandwich, which pairs the salami with thinly shaved roast beef and gooey, Provel-covered garlic bread. The "goosh" from the buttery cheese bread smothers the beef and salami, wrapping them in creamy magnificence. It sounds like too much of a good thing, and it is. And that's not a bad thing.

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