Best St. Louis Ram

Marshall Faulk

Here's a category that could go any number of ways. After all, who had a better year than QB Kurt Warner, who was the MVP of the season and the Super Bowl? Or wide receiver Isaac Bruce, who shook off years of nagging injuries and attitudinal indifference to become the NFL's most dangerous receiver? Well, there was one guy -- Marshall Faulk, who was simply magnificent in his debut year in a Rams uniform. Faulk was everywhere -- carrying the ball, catching it and running, running, running. The Rams' offense last year succeeded because it was armed to the teeth with high-powered weaponry. But Faulk was the most fearsome weapon of all. You just never knew what he was going to do next, but you knew it was going to be good. And it was. The Rams themselves bypassed the obvious choice of Warner for team MVP, naming Faulk instead, and it was more than just a case of sharing the honors. Faulk was the best thing going for the Rams last year, and, considering the season they had, that's saying something.
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