Best St. Louis-Inspired Wordplay


It's hard to go anywhere in the Lou without seeing a cap, hoodie or some other piece of apparel paying homage to St. Louis. Thanks to STL-Style, we can now join in — in a witty fashion. With shirts that read "St. Louis: The Perfect Ghettoway" and string-bikini undies depicting the old Cardinals' stadium, subtitled "The Original Busch," STL-Style reminds us that "you can't spell 'style' without 'STL.'" Local twin brothers and all-around nice guys Randy and Jeff Vines started the company in 2001 and now boast a talented team of artists and designers. Although their stuff is available in a few stores around town, the best way to get exactly what you want (as in, the color, shirt style, design and size) is to go on the website or to the store/workshop on Cherokee Street. With tons of clever, punny designs to choose from, there's no doubt that STL-Style's wordplay is the best around. To use its own phrase, it's "fo' Chouteau."

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