Best Spring Rolls

Lemon Grass

Vietnamese spring rolls are a quick, easy and delicious snack. Wrap that rice vermicelli, cilantro, basil and protein of choice in some rice paper and, sure, it might not be pretty, but it'll taste almost as refreshing as those rolled by the seasoned professionals. What puts the simple appetizer in the spotlight — and makes it impossible to ever truly replicate at home — is an exceptional dipping sauce, and Lemon Grass has the sweet sauce selection on lock. The standard appetizer order (each roll stuffed with one perfectly seasoned strip of roast pork and precisely two boiled shrimp) is served with a simple lemon sauce. The vermicelli drinks up that vibrant, tangy liquid, soaking the roll and making each bite juicier than the one before. The vegetarian option is just as good, subbing in a generous slab of tofu for the animal protein, but it's served with a hearty peanut sauce that is greedily devoured from a spoon just as easily as it is from one of Lemon Grass' perfectly rolled snacks.

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