Best Spring Rolls

Banh Mi So

How do we know Banh Mi So has the best spring rolls in town? Because the restaurant displays a neon sign on its storefront that says "Best Spring Rolls in St. Louis." OK, so just because a restaurant claims to have the "best" anything doesn't mean it's true. Except when it comes to Banh Mi So. Its spring rolls are as good as advertised. For starters, each spring roll is lovingly made to order (so don't expect to dive into these goodies once you step foot in the door). Banh Mi So uses only the choicest ingredients — fresh mint, basil, lettuce and supple rice wrappers — in the crafting of its spring rolls and takes the dish a step further by offering a twist on the traditional meat or tofu combinations. Customers can order the traditional pork, shrimp or tofu, or choose instead to try chicken, beef or tilapia spring rolls. Any way you choose, you can't lose.
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