Best Spring Roll

OR Juice & Smoothie

It's the Bragg sauce that really makes this spring roll. Trademarked under the name Bragg Liquid Aminos, it's a soy sauce made by Live Food Products of Santa Barbara, California. It tastes like regular, sushi-joint soy sauce, but with a piquant, pungent kick. (There're doses of lysine, glycine, praline and arginine in there to boot.) It's served on the side of the vegetable spring rolls at OR Juice & Smoothie, located on the western end of the Schnucks shopping plaza off Clayton Road just west of Big Bend. These spring rolls boast soft, translucent rice paper nestled around the freshest green-leaf lettuce, tofu, peanuts, and light and lively jicama and mint. The shrimp spring rolls are also delicious, as are the tuna spring rolls; these are served with Vietnamese peanut sauce. For that matter, the menu of soups, salads, rice and noodle bowls, sushi, wraps and even a raw pizza are terrif. But we keep coming back for the vegetable spring rolls -- and the Bragg.
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