Best Spot for Omnivores and Vegetarians to Eat Together

Banh Mi So #1

Staff Pick

The trick to having a successful first (or third, or hundredth) meal with someone who eats like you don't is to pick a place where neither of you is at a disadvantage. Banh Mi So #1 represents the absolute ideal for this situation. Not only is the menu stocked with richly delicious fare, but everyone can agree that spring rolls don't need meat to be perfect — and (as advertised in neon) their fried mung bean version truly is the best in town. It can be hard to find veggie pho, but the restaurant has both a beef and a vegetarian version that are matched for deeply satisfying flavor. And for every savory cut of pork or beef, there is an equally delightful and complex vegan option — the tofu curry noodle soup, for instance, or the banh xeo chay, scrumptious pan-fried crepes made with tofu and jicama. But the real reason to bring your meat-eating friend here is to make sure they order the Joe B., a miracle of marinated vegetarian beef laid inside a flaky, pillowy French baguette that will leave anyone of any stripe desperate for an encore serving. It's a banh mi well worth switching sides for.

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