Best Sports Figure Not Named Pujols

Yadier Molina

Yadier Molina was already one of the most beloved Cardinals heading into the 2010 season for a host of reasons. He played a critical role on the 2006 World Series team. His rifle arm makes him arguably the best defensive catcher in baseball. And though he runs like he's carrying a piano on his back, he has a knack for coming up with clutch hits and a smile that absolutely slays Redbird fans of the female persuasion. In short, it would've been hard for him to enhance his reputation in St. Louis. Then Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips came along and called his division rivals "little bitches." Needless to say, Yadi didn't take kindly to Phillips' comments. When Phillips tried to make nice before his first at-bat in a game in Cincinnati, he and Yadi went nose-to-nose and eventually traded blows in one of the more memorable baseball brawls the city has ever seen. Just like that, Yadi added the title of enforcer to his already sterling status — making it a lock that he'll go down in history as the second-most admired Cardinal of the current era.

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