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Bob Ramsey

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Over time, Bob Ramsey has played a role on multiple outlets in the alphabet soup of sports talk radio stations in town. But to most, he'll be most tied to his gig as the radio voice of the Saint Louis Billikens men's basketball team. On mic with longtime analyst Earl Austin Jr., Ramsey adds a particular twist to every game's action. When the team is up, his voice has the confidence of a possible win. When the Bills are down, he's living that moment of near despair, too. You can almost determine the up-down nature of the game without so much as hearing an actual score, just basing your guess on the tone and timber of Ramsey's energetic and informed commentary. And woe to an official who blows a call, as a quick, quippy tongue-lashing is gonna come. You don't become known as Billiken Bob without a rooting interest in the home team, and Ramsey has got blue blood running in his veins. To know that going in is to enjoy his call, peppered with pop-culture references, deep Billkens history and the occasional ear-burst, timed to a decisive three ball or monster dunk. Bob Ramsey, he's a good one.

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