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Mike Shannon

Is it possible to dislike Mike Shannon? Sure, the veteran Cardinals radio broadcaster isn't always the most focused announcer (earlier this year he spent a whole at-bat talking about players' sunglasses), but few people in baseball or any other sport have as much personality as Shannon. For all his merits, could you see Joe Buck saying something like, "Well, folks, this game began as a tiny worm and is blossoming into a large cobra"? And in an era where announcers have to joylessly note the sponsor behind the night's tenth curve ball, it's refreshing to hear the genuine enthusiasm in Shannon's appeals for listeners to enjoy "a cold, frosty one." It's no wonder that Charlie Sheen asked Cards' TV announcer Rick Horton about an introduction to Shannon when the two met by chance at a hotel in Houston. Even if the game ends up being a snore, a Mike Shannon broadcast never fails to entertain.

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