Best Sports Broadcast Personality

Joe Buck

At times Joe Buck comes close to being a victim of his own success. The ubiquitous broadcaster seems to be behind the mic so often that FOX TV viewers can be forgiven for wondering whether the network has any other commentators. But then, calling a game is not like playing one. You don't need a day or two off afterward to recover. So why wouldn't FOX put in its ace each and every time it can? Buck's knowledge of sports and biting wit (traits he shares with his late, great father) make any game he calls immeasurably better. Meanwhile, Buck's chemistry with baseball partner Tim McCarver and football color commentator Troy Aikman pairs as well as the beer and pretzels enjoyed by those watching the game on their La-Z-Boys. What's more, Buck serves as a constant ambassador for St. Louis, speaking fondly of his hometown each and every chance he gets — as he did this past summer when the All-Star Game came to the Gateway City.

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