Best Sports Broadcast Personality

Mike Shannon

A list of the quotes, malapropisms and non sequiturs that have made Mike Shannon both the most maddening and the most endearing radio play-by-play guy in baseball would be too long for even this supersize edition of the RFT to publish. (We swear we heard him opining about the 1970s TV miniseries Roots at some point last year.) Shannon has been such an integral part of St. Louis baseball lore — St. Louis lore, period — for so long that it's easy to take him for granted. But last season, when Shannon began excusing himself from Cardinals' road trips to care for his ailing wife, the team's radio broadcasts sounded so, well, ordinary, even under the more-than-adequate stewardship of John Rooney. So to Mike Shannon: Our condolences on the passing of Judy Shannon, and our fervent hope that when the Cards win their eleventh World Series title, you're the one who calls the final out. Get up, baby!
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