Best Sports Broadcast Personality

John Rooney

If St. Louis Cardinals officials have any sense, they're plotting the ouster of the team's newest radio voice, John Rooney, right now. Sure, Rooney's smooth delivery and keen knowledge of baseball are the perfect counterpoint to Mike Shannon's folksy tangents. And sure, in Rooney's first season with the Redbirds, the Richmond, Missouri, native's voice already erupts with unfeigned excitement at each Pujols blast. But consider Rooney's career: In 1987, his final year as the voice of the Minnesota Twins, the Twins won the World Series. Then last year, at the close of his eighteen-year stint with Chicago, the White Sox won the title. So on behalf of championship-starved Cardinals fans everywhere, we say to John Rooney: "Welcome to St. Louis. Now leave."
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