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St. Louis Sports Zone

Are you in or out? Be it Super Bowl Sunday or the WNBA finals, it's always the same dilemma. Staying home's good — there's a (relatively) short line for the bathroom, potlucking is economical, and the booze is cheap. Plus, you can actually see and hear what's going on. But there's something about braving the bar scene, what with the camaraderie of perfect drunken strangers high-fiving in victory or slurringly bemoaning defeat. And it is always nice to be waited on. St. Louis Sports Zone presents the perfect compromise. At a mere $40 per big game, you can rent out either the Rams Room or the Blues Room. Either way you go, you get two leather couches, wait service, a coffee table and a big-screen telly with surround sound. They even throw in a sampler platter of greatest-hits apps: T-ravs, mozzarella sticks, potato skins and chicken wings. These rooms are by no means banquet hall-size (think den, then take it down a notch), so be selective with your invitees. Make your reservation early and you're in — while still being out.
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