Best Sports Bargain

Late innings at Busch Stadium

Pssst. Wanna go see the Cardinals play for free? Redbirds' management doesn't advertise it, but when they open the big metal gates at Busch Stadium to allow folks to leave, any schmo on the street can waltz into the stadium for free. That usually happens around the bottom of the seventh or top of the eighth inning, according to guest services manager Mike Ball. So why would you want to attend only the last two innings of a game? Well, for one thing, the last two innings are almost always more interesting than the first two, and those last two innings ain't even the last if the game goes into extra innings. If we win, you get fireworks and good vibes. If not, it didn't cost you a penny. If you're downtown at about 9:30 p.m., head to Busch for a free climax.
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