Best Sports Bar

The Wheelhouse

Funny thing about sports bars: As easy as they seem to put together (beers + TVs + buffalo wings), they are often the hardest to actually get right. The culinary landscape has exploded in recent years, yet through it all, the lowly sports bar has continued to moulder away in epicurean no-man's land. It's that combination of easy-to-do, nigh-impossible-to-master that makes a place like the Wheelhouse so special. The food is beautifully crafted without being overly fussy or pretentious, never forgetting the soul of the sports bar. The televisions are plentiful, and the atmosphere is just right. It's a fine balancing act, and here it is pulled off to perfection. Sure, truffled popcorn might sound like a bit much when watching another Rams disappointment, but we promise, it so isn't. The only downside? You may feel like a little less of a fan for not being upset about a loss.

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