Best Sports Bar

John P. Fields

A tavern need not be a glaring mass of flat-screen television sets and cleavage-popping waitresses to qualify as a "sports bar." It can be a civilized kind of place, where friends gather for conversation and, you know, the game. John P. Fields in Clayton is that kind of place. Think of it as St. Louis' version of Cheers. Like the bar of television fame owned by fictional ex-baseball player Sam "Mayday" Malone, John P. Fields is owned (in part) by a former professional athlete in Jim Campbell, a retired winger for the St. Louis Blues. So, yes, hockey is king here, and lots of vintage Blues photos decorate the walls. But baseball, football and basketball are also devoured with gusto at John P. Fields. Speaking of eating, the menu checks in with all the sports-bar staples — chicken wings, potato skins, burgers — as well as more upscale entrées such as rib eyes and pastas. John P. Fields' clientele melds from happy-hour corporate types to a decidedly younger — and attractive — crowd late in the evening. How attractive? There's a reason this sports bar doesn't need cleavage-bursting barmaids. Its patrons provide all the eye candy necessary.

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