Best Sports Bar

The Scottish Arms

The Scottish Arms is hands-down the best place to watch football in St. Louis. Unless, of course, you're trying to catch the Rams game. Then you should head to any of the city's sports-bar staples — like Tom's, Lester's or Sports Zone. At the Arms, football means soccer, and the crowd that frequents the place is passionate about it. During a Euro Cup match earlier this year, a Netherlands fan cried when his team was eliminated from the tournament, smearing the orange paint that covered his entire face. Virtually every Saturday and Sunday morning year-round, a group gathers to tip pints and watch matches broadcast from around the globe. For big games, such as the Champions League final, the seating turns to standing-room-only and the atmosphere is electric. Add the ambiance to the incredible beer selection (including the deadly 7.2 percent alcohol Doppelbock Spaten Optimator) and gourmet bar food and you've got world-class sports viewing — or at least viewing of the sport favored by the rest of the world.

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