Best Sports Bar

Flannery's Pub

Hard to believe that in the decade since Washington Avenue's rebirth, the street has gone without a sports bar until just this past year. That said, Flannery's could win accolades simply for going against the grain and offering anything other than the haute cuisine and/or mind-numbing techno music served up at nearly every other Wash. Ave. establishment. But Flannery's is a great sports bar in its own right, boasting more than a dozen TV sets (many of the big-screen, plasma variety) and a menu chock-full of bar fare, from burgers to wings to pizza to a damn fine chili dog. Unlike too many so-called sports bars, Flannery's is open on Sunday. Add the Irish-Hooters ambiance provided by the plaid-skirted waitstaff, and you've got yourself the Best.
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