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DB's Sports Bar

The purest gauge of a sports bar's efficacy can be expressed thusly: "Can I get my game on?" If you can't, it probably means one of three things: 1) the sports bar doesn't have enough TV sets; 2) the waitstaff is inadequately trained or unwilling to navigate the satellite dish; or 3) the Cardinals, Blues or Rams are playing on all six sets, and switching just one to another game is non-negotiable. (This last, sad to say, is true of 95 percent of the bars in the St. Louis metropolitan area.) Which brings us to DB's, a nondescript, boxy bar next door to a union hall on the industrial side of Broadway in Soulard, comfortably distanced from the Mardi Gras-y hustle and bustle. While DB's is small, it has managed to fit a TV set into every conceivable nook and cranny, going so far as to stack set upon set where logistically and aesthetically permissible. This is one of the few local joints where Meathead the pro-wrestling fan can indulge his inner half nelson while Stretch in the corner booth ogles the LA Lakers' triangle offense. Bonus points for scantily clad waitresses and the Famous Gerber sandwich, an unlikely open-faced concoction that somehow manages to mask the culinary insult that is Provel cheese (see "Best Use of the Worst Cheese" in Food & Drink).
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