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Family Arena

Yes, there are fancier places: the Jones Dome, Savvis Center, Busch Stadium. But there's nothing like the Family Arena for a low-key good time. We fell in love with this place last winter when motorcycle racing on ice came to town. Beer prices were about half what you'd pay the bigger places, and exhaust fumes and a few Buds combined to produce a most pleasant buzz, especially in the cozy confines of the Family. Parking is a snap. Ushers, and there are plenty of them, are polite and helpful. And you won't go broke. A family of four can easily enjoy a night out for well under $100. Although you won't see Major League Baseball players soaked in steroids or the Blues tank yet again in the playoffs, the Family Arena offers indoor football and minor-league hockey. Players appear grateful when they're asked for autographs. It's sports as it should be: just for the fun of it.
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