Best Sports Announcer Who's a Former Major-Leaguer

Mike Shannon

A lot of people spend a lot of time taking Mike Shannon to task because he's not the smoothest talker in the biz; yeah, his grammar and syntax might earn him a low mark in Sister Cecilia's freshman language-arts class, but if you get past that and listen to what Shannon has to say about the game on the field -- the subtler points of positioning defenses, or hitter-pitcher match-ups, or why what went wrong went wrong when the Cardinals lose one late in the game -- you can learn a lot. People around the country keep talking about how St. Louis fans are among the most savvy, and much of that comes from our having listened to Shannon call games for more than a quarter-century. He may not be a master of the king's English, but he sure as hell earns an A in baseball English.
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