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If the nation's ever-expanding waistline is any clue, the average American spends more time distinguishing between Ho Hos and Ding Dongs than between shoes for trail hiking versus shoes for backpacking. So it's a good thing Dick's Sporting Goods does it for us. The Dick's outpost located in West County Center is a two-story behemoth accessible via an escalator from the mall's food court, as if symbolically tempting us with high-fat goodies but gently coaxing us to rise above it all and choose health instead. Dick's selection reaches across all demographics and skill levels, from the leisure seekers whose idea of sporting is a backyard game of ladder toss (a.k.a. Testicle Toss or Lemay Golf) to would-be Olympians in the market for a scary-looking Nautilus machine to teenage girls who'd rather wear a T-shirt that says "Sport Is My Boyfriend" than one that says "Mrs. Timberlake."

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