Best Specialty Margarita

Chava's Mexican Restaurant

Generally we are not fans of any margarita but the tradicional. Order a strawberry one, and we'll call you a sissy; order one with blue Curaçao and we'll laugh you out of the room. Don't even think about suggesting a frozen one! But all those maxims, we're pleased to report, fall away when we're at Chava's. At this Soulard Tex-Mex hotspot, the mango margaritas are to die for. Yes, they're frozen. And, yes, they're mango. They also happen to be so damn good that even margarita snobs like us must admit to loving them. They're pleasantly tart, perfectly flavored — and, unlike most frozen drinks, where they scrimp on the liquor since you can't taste it anyway, these babies will knock you on your ass. ¡Olé!

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