Best Soulard Blues Guitarist

Steve Pecaro

As fine a genre as it can be when handled by the right set of fingers and pipes, blues remains a relatively somber musical genre, the stump from which the phrase "crying in your beer" grows. Not so with Steve Pecaro, whose typical house of blues is the 1860's Hard Shell in the 'Lard most Friday and Saturday nights. Blurring the line between blues and flag-torchin' Southern rock, Pecaro's set often scoots into Allman Brothers-Skynyrd-Stevie Ray territory, with the dance floor quickly becoming packed after the first slide 'n' strum. Bedlam really ensues when West County's finest -- big Clint, Sarah and the luscious Weisler sisters -- start belting down concoctions and getting into the groove, which is only truly plausible when Pecaro's bustin' shit up.
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