Best Songwriter

Seth Porter

If we had an award for Most Pinchable Cheeks in St. Louis Pop, we'd totally give it to Seth Porter. But being named the greatest songwriter in all the land isn't so bad, either, is it? Behind the huge grin and under that mop of hair, the Blind Eyes vocalist has major lyrical skills. Take "January," for instance. In the first song on the band's 2009 full-length debut album, Modernity, Porter married gloom and hope in a pop celebration that featured some onomatopoeia and gave us a flash of what he was capable of. Four years later Porter has further cemented his style, using selective phrasing to tackle internal and societal issues on 2013's World Record EP without weighing the songs down with clichéd angst. Porter may have evolved into one of St. Louis' most evocative and emotive lyricists...but we still wanna pinch his cheeks.

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