Best Song Under One Minute

"Raid Your Fridge"

Andrew W.K. parties hard, but Cross Examination parties harder. In the time it takes most college freshmen to choke down a Bartles & Jaymes, the members of Cross Examination can finish a 30- pack of Keystone Light and lose track of their tally of bong rips. Witness the brief "Raid Your Fridge," in which a galloping guitar introduces a thrashy onslaught of palm-muted riffs and lightning-fast drumming before frontman Daniel Hill's lyrics cut to the point: "The beers have all been vanquished/The party's almost cached/That's why I'm rummaging through your crib/Looking for your stash." By the time the dude choir chants the song's title with fists in the air, it becomes clear that Cross Examination is a party crasher's dream and a landlord's worst nightmare.

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