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Hermann Handmade Soap

Eric and Mary Brende spent a week in Tennessee learning the recipe for their Hermann Handmade Soap, which will clean and moisturize even the huskiest bear. They sell at Soulard Market, where each Saturday one of them can be found explaining the qualities of their velvety product. Eric Brende is the author of Switching Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology, which recounts his and Mary's experience living the simple life in an Old Order Anabaptist community in Kentucky. It was there they made connections that would lead to their luscious soap. We adore the winter soap, with its jasmine scent, lanolin for moisture and vitamin E for healing. Unlike ridiculously overpriced boutique offerings, a solid bar of Hermann goes for a mere $3.75. "We try to keep it at a usable price, make it so it can be your everyday soap," Mary explains.
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