Best Snow Cones


Purists can argue for days about the merits of shaved ice vs. chipped ice vs. crushed ice, but when you have a summer as brutal as St. Louis just did, any kind of ice is damned refreshing. No, the vital issue is the range of flavors available for that ice, whatever its form, and for that no one can beat Glaciers. Of course, you can opt for the regular fruit and tropical-drink (strawberry daiquiri, fuzzy navel) flavors, but Glaciers offers several welcome changes of pace, including amaretto, honeydew melon and kiwi. There's an entire category of sour flavors, as well as multiple sugar-free flavors (a nice touch). For a truly different experience, you can try one of Glaciers' cream snow cones, which are sort of like mixing a snow cone with melted ice cream.

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