Best Snow Cones

Tropical Moose

It's all in the ice, the perfect snow cone. How you shave it and then how you shape it in the cup. Get it right, and a snow cone is the best antidote to the steamy, stinky St. Louis summer. Get it wrong, and the tastiest syrup in this or any other universe won't rescue a cup filled with ice so chunky it could crack a tooth. Tropical Moose knows how to shave ice properly, creating fine flakes that miraculously hold their form from cup to spoon to mouth. The Tropical Moose staff smartly sculpts this ice into a mound with a depression in the center into which syrup is pumped, flavoring all of the ice, not just that on top. As for the syrups, you can choose from among dozens and not go wrong — well, "Monkey Snot" is an acquired taste — thanks to that perfect, and perfectly refreshing, ice.

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