Best Snow Cone

Tropical Moose

Forget the plastic spoon they give you and just dive in. Taking your first gulp of a Tropical Moose snow cone is the next best thing to rubbing your face in the fresh snow of a peak in the Alps. That's because at Tropical Moose they don't crush their ice; they shave it. Each cone (served in a plastic cup rather than a messy paper wrap) is handcrafted, as it if were being carved by an artisan. But the final result is always worth the wait. In fact, waiting in line outside this little brown shack at the Kirkwood Farmers' Market has long been a local summer tradition. And it is a shack, but the modest overhead allows Tropical Moose, which is open daily from noon till 9 p.m. during market months (April through September), to keep prices as low as a buck a cup. When the dog days of summer linger on, think Tropical. And speaking of dogs, don't forget to bring yours. They love the Canine Cooler, which is a liver mixture in syrup form.
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