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Mai Truong, owner of OR Smoothie & Café, believes that smoothies are like puzzles: Every component must fit perfectly or the smoothie doesn't work. The fact that a juice is organic isn't enough for Mai. Rather than taking the easy path of using the same brand for each type of juice, Mai chooses whichever brand she likes best for each variety — there is a difference. She takes the same care with her sherbet, traveling an hour and a half each week to get the brand she believes to be the best. Even the ice is not ignored. OR Smoothie & Café only uses purified water for its ice. The most popular smoothie at OR is the Miracle Green. People are initially scared off by the color, but it actually tastes like mango. According to Mai, once they try it, 99 percent of customers will order it again (clearly this was a scientific study). What's the miracle? Apparently the smoothie gives you energy, stamina and just makes you feel good. In case that doesn't sway you, OR offers 21 other smoothie varieties.

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