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Coffee Cartel

Oh, life, you confound us with your choices! From what university to attend and what class to skip to what low-paying job to take and which days to call in sick, we're nearly overwhelmed. Throw in choosing what cereal to buy in that never-ending aisle and which dirty clothes to wash when you have only enough quarters for one load -- how is humanity supposed to cope without suffering an option overload-induced breakdown? Coffee Cartel, and its relatively limited smoothie menu, understands. While other fine joints like St. Louis Smoothie offer a wonderful, enormous variety of delish, fruity concoctions, the Cartel keeps it simple: eight choices, all made with natural fruit purées and four boost options (you know, protein and the like) mixed with nonfat vanilla yogurt. That's it. Nothing fancy. Try the Peaches & Cream: purely yummy. Or the mango: simply good. If you're in the mood to push yourself toward the brink, go ahead and mix and match the fruit purées any old way you want. The choices are endless. Oh, life!
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