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The Coughing Cardinal

Though the Coughing Cardinal's logo seems dangerously similar to that of a certain local baseball club, the smoking wares found in this west-county gem are the genuine article. This isn't some incense-choked closet of a store, either, as the spacious interior is uncluttered by weird tapestries and Bob Marley posters. The front area holds platoons of hookah pipes, packs of shisha tobacco — such as the popular "Red Gummy Bear" flavor — and a galaxy of multicolored hoses, stems and other accessories. For the cutting-edge smoker, the Coughing Cardinal has your e-cigs, e-liquids and vaporizers. But be warned, stoners: There are no bongs here, just water pipes for "tobacco use only." In the back of the store, the glass selection ranges from utilitarian pipes (perfect for sneaking into concerts) to breathtakingly intricate pieces of locally crafted glass that would look at home in an art gallery. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if Fredbird himself patronized the Coughing Cardinal now and again — what do you think he's really doing in that suit all game long?

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