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Knock on Emporium's door, wait for the buzzer and don't you dare say anything about bongs, man. It's water pipes, got it? Show the friendly hippie your ID, then try not to get blinded by the gleaming rows of not-bongs lining the back wall. Just a block off Delmar Boulevard in the heart of the Loop, Emporium doesn't try to satisfy your desire for hemp bracelets, Grateful Dead merch or woven stoner hoodies. This store is all about glass. The back walls contain an extensive selection of brand-name and locally produced glassware and pipes. You can go big and grab a piece by Medicali, Pyrotology and Sheldon Black, but tokers of modest means can still find a deep selection of colorful and diversely shaped pipes that are both pleasing to the eye and easy to hide in a sock from your mom.

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